You don’t think about future maintenance costs when buying a home, but you should. Whether buying an older home or a newly constructed home, equipment can be faulty and costly to repair.

home_improvementUsually a home’s purchase price can be used to project maintenance costs. The recommendations for annual maintenance costs range from 1.5 to 4 percent of the home’s original cost. While this is not always true, especially when the purchase price of a home is three-quarters of a million dollars, it is a good rule of thumb for the average home buyer.

Since most home buyers are focusing on making the down payment and not saving for future repairs, a home warranty provides a good back-up plan.

Most home warranties cost between $300-$400 and will cover many major
home systems and built-in appliances for one full year after close. A home
warranty will either pay to repair or replace a covered item and the homeowner pays a minimal deductible rather than the full cost of repairs. It’s an easy way to
manage your home’s finances and plan for those unexpected repairs.

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